Brand Paradigm - Brand-Driven TransformationThe Transformative Power of Brand Strategy

Brand Paradigm is a highly experienced brand strategy consultancy that has helped build some of the most influential and prominent brands in the world. Unlike most branding firms or agencies, we have an extremely broad view of what brand strategy should accomplish – including the immense possibilities it creates.¬†At Brand Paradigm, we understand that great branding is transformative for most organizations. It defines your “DNA” – what you stand for, and what you promise. It creates powerful and enduring competitive differentiation. It focuses innovation and promotes a relentless pursuit of what matters most. It shapes culture by building commitment to delivering on the brand promise. And it leads to strategic breakthroughs and sustained market leadership. This is how, for over two decades, our partners have helped clients ranging from startups to global power brands win in the marketplace.

Founded in 2001 as Global Brand Positioning, we rebranded as Brand Paradigm in 2013 to more closely align our brand with our evolution as a firm. This includes both our increasingly broad view of what brand strategy should accomplish, and our belief that great branding (transformative branding) is the foundation of the most successful business strategies – creating clarity of purpose, strategic focus, breakthrough ideas, and organizations driven to excel.

Brand Paradigm’s partners have assisted such clients as the International Olympic Committee, Charles Schwab & Company, Dolby Laboratories, Visa, NASCAR, Mayo Clinic, Bank of America, and Adobe, among others.

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