Branding strategies are complex by their very nature. Our brand consulting discipline provides a proven method for addressing all of the variables involved in assessing and understanding brands.  This includes identifying the brand’s points of competitive strength, developing a powerful and distinctive brand positioning, and translating that positioning into highly effective brand-driven marketing strategies and execution plans.

We work closely with our clients through all phases of the brand consulting process, from market research and brand assessment through broad-scale strategy execution and organizational alignment. In keeping with our broad view of what branding should accomplish, our work involves not only developing powerful and distinctive brands, but also leveraging the brand across the entire enterprise to shape communications, and to drive product and service innovation, customer experience design, new partnerships, organizational design and culture change.

Brand Strategy

Brand Paradigm Brand Strategy Consulting Services

The strongest brand strategies provide absolute clarity regarding who you are, what you stand for, and what you must do to deliver on your promise. To arrive at this level of clarity, our brand consulting approach brings together the perspectives of both the market and the company – integrating brand and consumer research, competitive intelligence, and the evaluation of market segments, products, innovations, marketplace trends, and organizational capabilities. Our brand consulting approach centers on identifying what makes the brand and enterprise special, and leveraging that uniqueness to create an unassailable position in the marketplace.

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Brand Activation

Brand Paradigm Brand Activation Services

While having a distinctive brand promise is critical, that promise can only have meaning and impact if it is fulfilled. Successful brand strategy therefore requires Brand Activation, which involves a broad range of strategy and execution activities – from all forms of communication, to product and service innovation, to cross-organizational initiatives involving customer experience design, capabilities enhancement, culture and leadership. Our brand consulting team’s breadth and depth of expertise enables us to support our clients with the full range of Brand Activation initiatives, tailored to the specific client circumstance and objectives.

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Brand Management

Brand Paradigm Brand Management Consulting Services

The Brand Management function is the owner and steward of the brand. It has responsibility for overseeing the brand’s expression in all forms of communication, tracking the health and competitive strength of the brand over time, and ensuring that all important customer touch points are aligned to deliver a consistent and compelling experience in harmony with the brand. Our brand consulting work often involves ensuring that our clients have the required structures, personnel and processes in place to carry out effective brand management.

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